I survived!

Coming back to report that I survived my first ever nightshifts. Omg I have been so stressed about. Something about working during the night creeped me out. If you work in medical care you know that once the sun goes down alot of patients settle down and are fine. But loads are not. For example we have a few confused elders so you know exactly what I mean. The yelling of confusion down the halls can irritate every professional.

So to recap: I worked three nightshifts. The first one I directly worked with a colleague even though my preceptor wrote on the white board I should do 3-4 on my own. Yes, I was not about that life during my first ever nightshift. My colleague I worked with was understanding and taught me the ropes of the night shift structure. On the 2nd night I opted for 6 patients on my own because of continious pressure of said preceptor. And girl it was rough! All my confidence dented 1 hour into the shift: I made a medication error which luckily did not harm my patient. My colleague once again helped me and most inportantly encouraged me because he definitely felt my discourage after that.

The 3rd night I had my same patients again. This time 5 since one went home. They all were kinda stable and at most needed someone to walk to the toilet to or sit on a bedpan so, you know chill stuff. I am still a nurse if I just give my patient painmeds, help to the toilet, check vitals or even if I am just there when the patient says they can’t sleep.

What I learned so far from going into nightshift:

  • Preparing your sleeping schedule is key!
  • Bring plenty of water
  • One to two cups of coffee do the trick for me
  • Hourly rounds(or more within the hour if your patient isn’t stable) are important to check everyone is still alive
  • Put out all the medicine properly in the medication carts for the upcoming shifts
  • Get a good flashlight!(mine went haywire on the first night)
  • Bring something to do when it’s quiet. Me and my co workers watched a ahow on one of their iPads last night because we had nothing to do
  • Go by all the steps before you give meds. Do it even with more care since your out of your normal routine

That is that so far. I guess I’ll learn plenty more when time passes. I clocked out at the end of every shift around 8 AM, went home and slept until 2PM.

Good night from me. I have work on Saturday again(they really aren’t giving me alot of time to bounce back)


First time on night shift as a new grad


I am back again. I survived last week. I worked 3 shifts which all three felt like they lasted forever. Europe was undergoing a heatwave so it was even more difficult to concentrate at work whilst I was having symptoms of heatexhaustion myself. But that is in the past.

Tomorrow I am starting my first series of nightshifts EVER. I never done a nightshift during nursing school so I am feelig quite nervous what to expect and how to prepare. I just now tried to take a 2-hour nap with earbuds and a sleeping mask, but to no avail.

So here is how I am preparing myself as a newbie nursie going into nightshift for the first time:

  • Going to sleep as late as possible today(going to try and distract myself with a K-drama I am currently watching)
  • Trying to sleep in as late as possible tomorrow morning/afternoon)hopefully this will work because I have two dogs and they both bark me awake EVERY morning)
  • I bought some earbuds which I will sleep with along side my sleeping mask
  • Going to try and nap before my shift tomorrow
  • Bring some snacks to work and plenty of water

I hope they’ll cut me some slack tomorrow since this is my first time ever on the night shift(I am guessing not but there is always hope). I am going to ask loads of questions even if that will annoy people. This week will be my last time with a preceptor. Even though they might extend my time because even after 8 weeks I still struggle loads to be fully on my own.

I am curious to see how the night shift will go tomorrow. I’ll let you guys know once my three shifts are done. I hope can shape my own routine for this type of shift.



Today is one of those days

Man, am I tired. Not because my shift was so busy, but I was anxious the night before that resulted me in getting about 1-2 hours of sleep.

This is the second time this has happened since my employment. The last time this happened, I called in sick. This time I braved myself into going into work and dose myself with some cafeine through the day and the anticipation of taking a nap after shift ended. Wrong.

Not only is it incredibly hot today, but I got some more feedback: show yourself more and take on more patients. Which ofcourse I have been thinking about ever since my shift ended.

Apparantly I need to challenge myself more regarding patient ratio and I need to show some more of myself to colleagues.

This is the weird thing: when it comes to my patients I am pretty extroverted. When it comes to communal lunch or dinner I blank again. Here is where the “social anxiety” and introversion kicks in. My colleagues want to get to know me better. I understand this feedback but also find it hard. Anyone else that struggles with the lunch/dinner moments with colleagues? Especially when you are reorganising your thoughts about what else is due during the shift or if it is a day like mine today: not trying to crash from exhaustion.

As to the received feedback: I have planned to take on more patients during my evening shift tomorrow and try and blend. Here’s to surviving another work week, an early night and hoping on a better tomorrow. We can do this.

Current status: 7 weeks since employment.

Curly hair journey & Current routine

So to start of this post it is important to know I’m mixed race: Black & White. As a little girl, my mum tried her best to tame mine and my sisters hair regularly whether that was in braids or cute little up-do’s. As most people who are multiracial I struggled with my own identity alot. This was very obvious in how I decided to do my hair after my mum let us do our own hair when we were old enough. I’m from an area where there was no one who looked like us. Every friend of mine had beautiful, tameable straight hair and I desperatetly wanted that too. I lived across a Black hairdresser and got my hair chemically straightened every 6 months or so to achieve this goal. Eventually I turned to a straightener and started straightening my hair to get my hair straight. It even got so bad I used to straighten my hair on the daily!

I know, I shiver everytime I think back on that time. In my last two years of high school I got clip in extensions and continued to straighten my hair to make it blend and look natural to avoid bullying from the other kids. Unfortunately, I still got majorely bullied, because other kids did not understand what was up with my hair. Then I went to nursing school and I found it incredibly hard to manage my hair during with the amount of studying and internships/placements. One of my fellow nursing friends jokingly said: ”Why not just rock the natural hair? We are overwhelmed with work etc. No time to stress over your hair too.” And she was right. My efforts should have been put into school and not stressing over how to manage my hair in a straight hairstyle.

So, I put the straightener down from that point forward. I was 21 years old and had straightened my hair with the straightener or chemically for YEARS. You can imagine the state my hair was in. I was using protective styles like twist-outs and braids to manipulate my curls, retain moisture and stimulate my hair growth with all sorts of curly hair products. I felt very uncomfortable the first time I walked into my lecture with a fresh twist-out. But guess what: I got loads of compliments! Eventually, a year later I went to a black hair dresser again and let her cut off all the damage. Which left me with a length that was up until my shoulders, which was fine. Ever since then I have been doing my braids and twist-outs to keep the health regime going and trying to stay away from products that contain sulfates, parabens and all that stuff that curly hair can’t withstand.

Currently my hair without shrinkage is around waist length, when it dries up it is around half way my back. I’m pretty proud to have that length. I still struggle with maintaining my hair especially since I feel sometimes my hair has a will of it’s own and just won’t listen to me! My hair is prone to be frizzy and be dry at all times, but I’m coping. And yes sometimes it is frustrating. I mean even when I am typing this I just my wash & go is drying (I am not a fan of a wash & go because my hair always turns into a frizzball, but I was too lazy to do braids or whatever). I am proud I have stopped doing that damaging routine from back in the day and  just embrace my natural hair. I haven’t straightened my hair in 3 years!


If you want any word of advice about natural hair: Embrace it. Don’t manipulate your hair to try and fit in with others. Where your hair the way you want it. Embrace what your mama gave ya!

So, what is your hair routine? Are you a natural or still transitioning? Any tips we can exchange?


”So one second. Here is some feedback: you come across as nervous all the time”

So after a little hiatus of 1,5 years I am back working in the hospital. With my degree in my pocket since May it has been quite the adjustment to say the least. I have spent the last year of nursing school doing lifestyle consultations with children and had lost touch with the working environment of a hospital. So, after my graduation I decided to go back. Like I just mentioned it has been quite the adventure. Not only is this a completely different hospital I am used to, I am learning again how to do all the skills a hospital nurse requires. I felt so dumb coming back because I had forgotten how to function as a hospital nurse. Shame on me.

So it’s been quite the challenge dealing with my new responsibility I now have and learning everything again about all the diseases, talking to doctors(which can be scary guys!), interacting with patients and family and loads more.
So the other day my colleague asked me to give her patient a morphine injection, because she had to do something else and I was not doing anything at the moment. The morphine injections still make me a bit nervous for obvious reasons so I was in my own world trying to extract the medicine from the vial when another colleague came behind me and asked for a signature for some antibiotics. I also needed her signature for my injection, so sweet deal right? Whilst I was trying to slowly extract my medicine with my syringe I felt her stare. I told her in a quivering voice: ”I’ll be right there, just have to do this real quick.” She was like: ”No rush.” Then she looked at me and said: ”One moment of feedback here: you come across as nervous all the time.” And that was it. I felt exposed. I was trying to put up this act of: I am fine, but right then and there she saw through me. I jokingly retorted with: ”Oh I am nervous all the time.” Which to be fair is the truth. I don’t know why I internally went blank for 1 minute when she said it, but it was ofcourse not fun to hear. On the other hand it was good to have an insight of how people view me. I already feel like I am putting in even more effort than maybe most people because of my personality: anxious and introverted. But I am not trying to let these traits define and limit me. Just to end this post here: I am a work in progress. I know where my strengths and weaknesses lie. We are all human after all:) But I am not afraid of criticism. I am trying to view myself from a different perspective and trying with every new shift to find the confidence I need to grow even more.


stop-beating-yourself-up-you-are-a-work-in-progress- 2019

Is this thing on?


I completely forgot I had a blog out there. Last time I was on here it was 2016. That is insane! So much has happened in those three years. Good and Bad. So let’s do another introduction to refresh the mind.

My name is Dems. I am now 24 years old(help). I think it would be fun for myself to track things on here as to how my journey to being a full functioning adult goes. I am currently almost 2 months in being a Registred Nurse(RN) and to be completely honest with you I am STRUGGLING. My goal is to evolve myself in my ability to go and teach other to deal with stuff in life. I’d like to be in the future a role model for people who are like me: anxious, introverted all that good stuff:) So sit back and enjoy my journey as a new, anxious, introverted BUT very passionated and if I may say so myself, kind, loving nurse.



Harry Potter Studio Tour 8-7-16

I honestly have no idea to start. I am bored so I thought I might  write a blogpost about my time at Harry Potter studio tour. I am way too late with writing this blogpost. I planned to write the day after but I forgot.. I also thought that no one might read it. I am probably right about this but I am going to even if it’s only for my own entertainment.


So on Friday the 8th of July my uncle and I went to the Harry Potter studio tour. Months of anticipation and binge watching hauls of the tour went before this. I woke up around 4 o’ clock in the morning, because we were flying from Amsterdam to London at 9 o’clock. Let me say this whole trip to the studios wasn’t excactly smooth sailing. Let me explain..  So we flew to London Luton. From London Luton we had to take two trains to get to Watford Junction… There was some also some walking.

When we finally arrived at Watford Junction I saw the Harry Potter bus. I was stressing the fuck out because we weren’t on schedule and I get really nervous and stressed out when I have the feeling I’m going to be late. We stepped out of Watford and I saw the bus. I yelled at my uncle that the bus was here and that we had to hurry up. We get on the bus and find out the bus would be leaving in 10 minutes. Which was a problem si20160708_121051nce it would leave at 12 PM and our tour started at 12:30 PM. I was planning to get something to eat at the studios before it was our time sloth. Well that wasn’t happening.   Anyways the bus left Watford Junction and we were on our way!  The journey took about 10 minutes and we where there.

Let me tell you my nerves kicked in.. badly! First of all I walked past the lady who had to see our tickets before we enter te building. All of the sudden I can hear: ”Excuse me can I see your ticket”! Oops! Second of all we left our bags at the cloakroom but I forgot to take the tickets out… So we had to leave the queue and get my bag with the tickets…

But then… After spending half and hour in the queue the time was there. We entered the studios officially! I dont want to spoil too much of the tour so I’m going to skip forward to entering the Great Hall. O MY GOSH!. It was absolutely amazing. The house tables were displayed on the side each with their own decorations. At the front of the hall were the teachers tableswith Dumbledore, Snape, McGonagall etcetera. Even the Sorting Hat was displayed!




So I am not going  into detail of every single thing of the tour even though I would like to. But then I would pull a Hermione and write an incredibily long essay!

Some of my personal highlights of the tour were:

The Knight bus

Prisoner of Azkaban is my favourite book and movie so I was really excited to see the Knight bus. Also another stupid thing, my favourite colour is purple.. so yeah:P


Tasting Butterbeer

I was really excited to taste the infamous Butterbeer… and then I didn’t like it. Fortunately I had the souvernir cup:)



Diagon Alley (”Diagonally!”)

diagonalley d

Hogwarts Castle

The Castle was so beautiful. It took my breath away


So around 5 PM we finished our tour and we had to rush back to the airport. Our flight was at 9PM. You might think: ”you had plenty of time”. Have you ever been on an airport? Everything takes way too damn long at an airport! However things went kind of smoothly and we boarded our plane around 8:30 PM and took off around 9. I took this cheeky little photo on the plane of the beautiful sky.



This is my Harry Potter haul. Only things missing from this picture are the Holyhead Harpies shirt and my Harry Potter shopper bag that I  bought:)








I am loving Big Brother at the moment!

So you might look at my domain name and look at this blogpost and think ”what are you on about?” Well like I said before I like lots of other things too other than Harry Potter. I just obsess over things easily. Sorry btw if my English is crap. It’s not my native language. But back to business..

Big Brother! Ughh.. I started watching quite recently and I am loving it!

Let’s start with my favourites at the moment and I will individually explain why I like them currently.

Jackson: What can I say? I am not the ”typical” girl to swoon over the boys but Jackson is adorable, okay? His little chemistry with Georgina is very cute. I loved when he said  that he would eat nandos with her or go to some of the posh restaurants that she might like. That made me envious of Georgina. I want a guy to take me to Nandos haha. Oh and Jackson my favourite Disney film is Aladdin;) Anyways he is funny and I think he’s genuinely a nice guy


Alex: So I knew Alex from Judge Geordie where I also liked him. He is like Jackson a nice guy and despite his good looks doesn’t come across as a twat. So I was a bit biased at the start of Big Brother and already like him because of Judge Geordie. One thing though about Alex. I don’t always understand him? And I understand English quite well if I might say so myself. Maybe it’s the Blackpool accent? Either way I like Alex!

Georgina: I just love Georginas sarcasm sometimes. It’s just sad that some people don’t always get it. As a sarcastic person myself I find it funny. I also think she is just misunderstood at times. So what if she is moany at times? Especially when Marco was still in the house, can you blame the girl? That Marco guy was the most obnoxious indivual in the house. Cheers to Georgina for not putting up with his bullshit.


Jason: I am not going to lie. Jason at first intimidated the hell out of me. Have you seen his moving profile picture in the house? It’s quite scary. But I am convinced he might be a lovely guy.  I was almost on the floor from laughter when he found out Charlie was next door. Poor guy! I hope he will stay lovely.


Lateysha: I did not like Lateysha at first. I thought she was going to be like Laura. But I found Lateysha absolutely hilarious during the haunted attic task. I was dying!

Andy: So many people thing he is a snake. And yes he is recently being a bit snaky. i thing Andy is a really clever guy and I have liked him ever since Launch night. I also thing he might, be like Georgina, a bit misunderstood I hope he won’t mess up and make me dislike him


Summer, can you hear me?

Summer is so near I can almost taste it. I finally will have my summer holiday in 3 weeks. I am currently working as a nursing student in a nursing home for a internship. I have been working there for almost 8 long weeks! Even though I really like the elderly who live in the nursing home I catch myself counting down the days until my internship ends. It is quite dull work to be honest. Almost everyday is the same. I miss the action a hospital provides for you as a student nurse. I really do hope I complete my internship sucessfully.

I also have big plans for summer 2016 so that is also why I am so excited for my internship to end. I am going to the Harry Potter studio tour in London on the 8th of July. I cannot express how excited I am for that trip. Ever since the tour opened back in 2011 I wanted to go. But I never did think I would ever get a change to visit. My uncle booked the tickets in March. I probably have watched almost every single haul video on YouTube by now..  I am also saving up money that I earned from my internship for this trip. I do not know how I am going to react to the tour. I am not really an emotional person but I am afraid that I might burst into tears when I set foot in to the studios.



And then somewhere in July I am going to have a picnic with one of my best friends. We are already planning it. I have never been on a picnic before so that is very exciting.


So even though I might be dying from hayfever in the summer(who am I kidding I am already dying of hayfever) I am really looking forward to it!



Hi there!

My name is CurlyPotterhead. Well it is not actually, but on this blog it is:) Welcome to my blog which will be as random as I am. As you can tell from the domainname I like Harry Potter(that’s the understatement of the year, ahum). I also have curly hair. Hence the name ”Curly Potterhead”. I am so clever! I am 21 year- old nursing student from the Netherlands. Yes the land of cold weather, cheese and syrup waffles. Like I said before this blog will contain lots of random things that I like. So don’t be fooled by my domain name. This blog will contain lots of other stuff too. I hope you will enjoy my blog.